About Us

About Brands Company

At Brands Company, we recognise entrepreneurial excellence and therefore want business enterprise to be accessible by everyone - not only individuals or corporate entities who have the financial resources to facilitate high value purchases.

In 2017, over 670,000 new businesses were formed. Today's entrepreneur is moving faster than ever before.

The internet is a gateway to success and lucrative returns for your business. By setting up a website for your business with the right domain name, you are well on your way to sky rocketing profits and a great future for your business.

To survive and thrive in the internet business world, a registered domain name is almost an absolute must. A domain gives your business credibility. This gives your customers the confidence that you are committed to your product and are not going anywhere.

We specialise in identifying premium brandable company and domain names for your business needs.

Unlike other companies, we privately own all of our designs and domains which is why we are able to provide you with the most cost-effective solutions in the United Kingdom. We enable you to focus financial resources on other things like; stock, staff and marketing.

Our professional designers and boutique approach lets us truly focus our energy into achieving results.

We provide you with a low-cost, professional and quick solution to helping your business get on its feet as soon as possible.